Incomparable on-site services without exception

Moonar fulfills every tenant’s need with a wide array of on-site services. Our highly qualified concierge team offers first-class service standards aimed to surpass expectations.

A hub of fulfillment
services at your convenience

Tenants can satisfy gourmet cravings, fitness goals, and caffeine fixes within a few steps. A diverse range of facilities provides hours of activities that enhance the whole Moonar experience.      

Stylish Gaming Room
fun for everyone

Unwind with a well-furnished game room fitted with quality equipment and polished finishes. Tenants can enjoy a thoughtfully designed interior that encourages engaging interactions. 

Modern Library
where learning meets networking

Enter a dynamic communal space dedicated to knowledge and progress. Moonar’s library serves as the perfect meeting point for professional learners who seek inspiration. 

Brainstorm Room
where ideas come to life

Our modern office park provides technologically equipped rooms with comfortable furniture and quality whiteboards that drive innovation-charged discussions and conceptualizations. 

Café Meeting Areas
a novel collaborative environment

Espresso machines, quality bar counters, and comfortable padded seats offer tenants a casual and aromatic hangout that fuels creativity and meaningful discussion. 

Outdoor Fun Area
Fresh air and good company

The stylish park features avant-garde benches and manicured greenery, providing a visual treat as tenants immerse themselves in the invigorating environment. Nearby ping-pong tables and equipment offer busy executives a quick getaway from the bustle.